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PAMBE Ghana’s Global Market is a seasonal Fair Trade store in Oklahoma City. This year we are making our inventory available online.

  • All items are made by artisans around the world who receive a fair living wage for their work
  • All proceeds go to La’Angum Learning Center, an elementary school in northern Ghana
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Featured Item of the Week:

Fair Trade Kippot

How often do we get to feel good about the people who make the everyday objects in our lives?

PAMBE Ghana’s Global Market is proud to feature Fair Trade Kippot crocheted by a group of women artisans in Guatemala.

In a country where women often have few opportunities to earn income, a group of village women banded together in order to look for work and support each other. The women’s group started out crocheting hacky sacks, which they sold to a middleman for as little as ten cents each, barely enough to cover the cost of yarn.

When the group was approached by Mayan Hands, a Fair Trade nonprofit organization, and asked if they would make Kippot, things changed for the better. The women learned they would be provided with yarn, and would make more income in one day than they would make in several weeks of making hacky sacks.

The extra income has made a huge difference in the lives of the women. They can put nutritious food on the table, where before they could only afford to eat tortillas. Their children get an education, an especially positive development for the girls who are the first to be pulled out of school because their families’ poverty makes their work indispensable. The girls end up getting married very young, become mothers right away and, thus, repeat the cycle of poverty. Furthermore, a cash income allows women leverage vis-a-vis their husbands; they have more control over their lives as they make decisions about how to spend and save money. Best of all, they can dream, have hope for the future and envision a different world.

The women’s group was originally started by Miriam. Born in the Highlands of Guatemala to extremely poor parents, she lost her father when she was 8. She left school in 5th grade and married at age 14. Resilient and resourceful, she went to school at night, learned to crochet, and sought out other women in her village who were all determined to break the cycle of poverty. 

Miriam loves making kippot: “Jewish people use them to cover their heads; it’s like God is accompanying them everywhere, like they are under God’s protection. I feel like our work is serving a very special purpose.”

To learn more about Miriam and the other women who make these Fair Trade Kippot, click HERE. PAMBE Ghana’s Global Market is pleased to offer a limited number of Kippot; to order large quantities of Kippot at a discount, contact Mayan Hands at info@mayanhands.org.