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PAMBE Ghana’s Global Market is a seasonal Fair Trade store in Oklahoma City. This year we are making our inventory available online. Tax is included in the price of each item. Curbside pickup is available in Oklahoma City; and we now offer shipping elsewhere in the Continental US as well!

  • All items are made by artisans around the world who receive a fair living wage for their work
  • All proceeds go to La’Angum Learning Center, an elementary school in northern Ghana
  • You and your loved ones enjoy our beautiful products!


This Week’s Feature:

Tree-Free Handmade Paper from Nepal

In the heart of the Himalayas, Nepali craftspeople have been producing tree-free handmade paper in their villages for over a thousand years. Prized for its durability and softly varied texture, the paper is made from the bark of the Lokta bush, Daphne bholua, or Nepalese Paper Plant, which grows in the Himalayan forests of north central Nepal at altitudes between 4000 and 8000 feet. The bark is sustainably harvested on a 6- to 8-year rotation to preserve the fragile forest ecology.

This exceptional paper is a joy to see and touch. Originally used in Tibetan monasteries for sacred texts, Lokta paper is also used today for official government documents as well as for journals and cards. It is naturally insect-free and lasts for more than 100 years. Its slightly rough texture makes it highly appreciated by artists.

The women artisans of Bhaktapur Women’s Craft Paper Ltd. in Bhaktapur, Nepal, create exquisite Lokta paper products. The organization was created to help low-income rural and urban families earn a fair and equitable income while keeping the traditional craft of paper-making alive. These women are producing a traditional Nepali product from an environmentally friendly renewable material, while earning a sustainable living for themselves and their families. To see a video of how the Lokta bark is made into paper, click here.

PAMBE Ghana’s Global Market is proud to offer several amazing Lokta paper items from Bhaktapur Women’s Craft Paper:

Lokta Journal The cover is embedded with dried flowers, and the closure is made from a polished peach pit! Perfect for anyone who loves to journal, or for an artist who is always on the go. Available in Large and Small sizes.

Sweet Notes Set Bring a smile to someone’s face by slipping one of these into a book or coat pocket. Also works great for stocking stuffers, table place cards, or to accompany a gift card.

Dalai Lama Quote Journal Get a little reminder of the True Meaning of Life every time you pick up this beautiful journal.